Innovative Foundation Solutions™
Slope Stability

Slope Stability Systems are essential tools for the stabilization of unstable soils. They protect vulnerable structures as well as the surrounding environment from major geotechnical hazards.

Why Stabilize Slopes?
Creating slope stability is vital in avoiding future geotechnical catastrophes or repairing existing failed or failing slopes. Slope instability can cause major damage to nearby structures, and can negatively affect the surrounding natural environment. By completely stabilizing surrounding slopes, future expenditures on structural or ecological failures and repairs can be avoided, saving both time and money.

Geopier SRT® System

Slope Stability Installation

The Geopier SRT system is installed using beam section and welded plate, driven vertically through a slide plane using a special impact hammer and driving shoe mounted on a small to mid size excavator. The plate piles are rapidly installed in an alternating step pattern up the slope where each plate pile engages a prism of soil through arching. The pile ends are driven to fixity and the group of piles improve the factor of safety for slope stability for new or failing slopes. 

SRT can rapidly treat slides up to 6-7m depths up to 1H:1V for many soil types. The equipment provides for easy access and versatility and a cost effective way to improve failing slides or slopes identified as having low safety factors.

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